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"We are an Investment and Consultancy company with international clients in many different countries. After careful consideration we have chosen Collections in Europe because of their global track record and convincing approach. It was the right choice. They dedicated all the attention you could ask for to our case, with results worth mentioning. All communication and handling was done with full transparency and in a professional and competent manner. We can fully recommend them to other businesses with international clients."
Ulrich Schmidt / Viva Media

"Thanks to its knowledge of the legal system, local culture, as well as which tools are available to deal with a debtor, Collections in Europe were able to reach effective agreements that have resulted in our company being able to recover its claims. Throughout the entire process,  Collections in Europe have always advised me on the correct strategy and they were available at all times."
Paul Sanderse/ Cabot Corporation

"Universal Music operates in a segment of the market which is experiencing increasing pressure, at hundreds of points of sales, and with a product which has the potential to become a hit at any moment and needs to be available immediately. This is the reason we cannot afford to get involved in laborious and protracted proceedings. Decisiveness is essential, and Collections in Europe’ energetic approach as an extension of our own credit management is an excellent fit for us. Direct communication, structured procedures and exchange of information, knowledge of the market and our company means that we have found an ideal partner in Collections in Europe for granting credit to our customers, retailers and wholesalers since 2007."
Frank Oosenbrug / Universal Music

"As of 2004, Collections in Europe has been our reliable (also from a financial point of view) debt recovery partner functioning as an extension of our Credit Control Department. Collections in Europe gives shape to the “No Win, No Fee” principle. They have a high rate of success, and collected amounts are quickly transferred into our bank account. Furthermore, all our current and closed cases can be reviewed online. Our staff frequently attends seminars and workshops at Collections in Europe, so our employees stay fully informed on all aspects of debt recovery, liquidation, and attachment (of property). Whenever customers of Canon are confronted by defaulting debtors, we always refer them to Collections in Europe."
Peter Noordergraaf / Canon

"Alessi exports 65% of its turnover to more than 60 countries and can count on a network of 5000 points of sale. In particular, direct delivery takes place to thousands of shops in Europe, without any intervention. Its capacity to maintain direct contact with clients of various sizes, based in several countries, with different customs and traditions is the strength of our company. However, if there are problems with payments, we need an effective partner to collect our money. That is why we have opted for Collections in Europe and its team of international lawyers who understand the needs of a company like ours and who can adapt as much as possible to any situation."
Dott.ssa Lea Macedoni / Alessi

"Van Gils has been known for its expertise in men’s clothing since 1948. We have been working with Collections in Europe for years, and we have certainly experienced the Collections in Europe expertise in recovering money claims. And more than that, not only the debt recovery results are good but also when it comes to advice throughout the entire order to cash process, we have found a good, trustworthy and accessible partner in Collections in Europe. At Collections in Europe, understandable language is used, and because they work in branch teams, our regular contact at Collections in Europe understands the fashion branch language too."
Arjen Schuurman / Van Gils Fashion

"Our brand name Björn Borg has boomed over the last few years. Fortunately, this rapid growth has not led to a boom in debt recovery matters. And if a problem does occur, we simply pass the matter over to Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. They provide a great benefit to us, but they put the debtor at a disadvantage."
Nancy van Eeten / Björn Borg

"Collections in Europe provides an essential addition to our credit management process. In order to maintain our reputation as the best factoring company in the Netherlands, we work in various areas in close conjunction with renowned partners. To obtain good results in debt recovery, we engage the services of Collections in Europe. Direct communication between the lawyers and our staff contributes to an efficient and transparent process. For years and years now, we have been very satisfied with our collaboration with Collections in Europe."
Terence Doornik / ING

"Staples is the largest office supplies company in the world. We have the second largest eCommerce website, and we are a reliable partner in offering office solutions. Staples is present in more than 26 countries! We are active all over the world, which has shaped our working methods. As we grew, our commitment to the community and the environment we operate in has increased too. Collections in Europe is an important partner to Staples Advantage with reference to our credit management. It is good and a pleasure to be able to hand over matters and files which are difficult to collect to Collections in Europe. In our experience, the cases are handled well, efficiently, and with good results. Thus, we see moneys coming in which we would have had to write off otherwise. We are very pleased with the Collections in Europe approach. The advice we have received, has been of assistance in our job, and we view this as a significant supplementation. We will always recommend to both third parties and to all our branches at home and abroad that they hand their matters to Collections in Europe."
Kitty Berendsen / Staples

"As a market leader of company software, SAP deals with a large number of customers who widely vary in versatility and size. Initially, of course you would like to manage your own accounts receivable, but if that is not feasible, it is nice to have a good safety net. Collections in Europe has been a reliable partner of SAP for years. They have proven their efficiency and decisiveness when it comes to an effective debt recovery policy."
Gerard van Tilburg / SAP

"Ever since 1965, Collections in Europe has been the partner of ThyssenKrupp concerning credit management. Our relation with Collections in Europe is based on trust, honesty, commitment, and pleasant and personal interaction. Collections in Europe handles the debt recovery matters with a lot of passion and professionalism, but there where necessary, it also knows how to respect our rapport with our customers. Collections in Europe employees can be contacted directly and are easily accessible, making for good teamwork."
Ton Lathouwers / ThyssenKrupp Materials

"Quality and safety are of paramount importance to KLM. Not just in terms of our own performance, but also in terms of what we expect from our partners. This is why Collections in Europe is a partner of KLM. They have specialized in the field of business-to-business debt recovery. Their approach stands for quality, decisiveness, and results, which is exactly what KLM is looking for!"
Ben Blad / KLM

"Ferro Corporation is very pleased with the successful outcome of our claim with a certain debtor client that was handled by the Bierens Group. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Stefan de Beer and staff, Ferro Corporation received payment in full for our claim which was in excess of 500,000 Euros. Collections in Europehas proven their value many times over in managing our international claims and we will continue to utilize and highly value their legal expertise when the need arises in the future."
Richard Jude Matis / Ferro

"For more than two years, we have been working in cooperation with Collections in Europe for the debt recovery and advice procedures for large or foreign claims. During this time, we have never been let down by Collections in Europe. We consider quality of paramount importance to our service, and we have noticed that Collections in Europe maintains the same standards throughout the furthest corners of its organisation when it comes to providing service. Collections in Europe is a fine example of ‘promise is promise’ and with its expertise and determination they are capable of making our money reappear. Fortunately, they are also straightforward and tell us when something is not feasible. In addition, the workshops are part of the added value Collections in Europe brings us. In a word, the cooperation with Bierens we had intended has grown into something of great value, and we are happy to continue this for quite some time to come."
Peter Bak / DB Schenker Logistics

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