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About Us

This website is provided to you by Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. Founded in 1952, Bierens has become one to the leading international business-to-business collection law firms in Europe. As a law firm, Bierens is unique in that it has access to all legal means that make a debtor pay and it offers its debt recovery services on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers provides collection services during both the amicable and the judicial stage. Lawyers and paralegals from twenty different countries have specialized in international debt recovery. Particularly internationally operating companies find our one-stop access to collection services throughout Europe and other parts of the world to be very attractive.

Clients of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers are provided with 24/7 access to the status of their cases via internet. If a credit manager or any other accounts payable member of your staff has any questions regarding related areas of law, such as contract law, international private law, or insolvency law, then getting in touch with one of our attorneys or paralegals can be easily arranged. Sharing knowledge comes natural to Bierens. It regularly organizes seminars and workshops on all sorts of relevant topics. Often, the Bierens lawyers and paralegals also speak on the subject of international debt recovery at conventions.

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