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Debt Collection Sweden

Debt collection in Sweden can be a challenge for international creditors. For successful Debt Collection of your invoices in Sweden, an understanding of the Swedish culture, language and legal system is essential.

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Debt Recovery in Sweden

Regulations in Sweden are different from those in most other countries. If you have a Swedish business partner, you will probably be aware that their business culture differs from other cultures in many aspects. Our lawyers are fully versed in the regulations in Sweden, speak the language and are familiar with the business culture of Sweden, which is why we can achieve justice for the creditor in Sweden as well.

Successful collection in Sweden

When your invoices remain unpaid, it’s important that you collect all relevant documents to prove your claim against your Swedish partner. Retain the:

  • Signed agreements;
  • General conditions;
  • Order confirmations;
  • Copies of invoices;
  • Proof of delivery or services;
  • Correspondence with the debtor.

If possible, we advise to record all agreements and conditions in English and/or the native language of each party.

When your Swedish debtor still does not want to pay, we advise you to immediately send a reminder. Attach all relevant documents regarding the business agreement and indicate a clear term of payment of approximately 14 days.

If your partner does not respond to your reminder, then handing over your claim for collection is advisable. We are able to collect most claims in Sweden extrajudicially, in the form of a payment arrangement or otherwise.

Extrajudicial and judicial Debt Collection in Sweden

When your claim is handed over for collection, we will demand in writing and on the telephone that your Swedish debtor pays your invoices. We will also engage in a face to face conversation with your debtor if that is necessary. If your Swedish business partner does not pay within the stated term, then, in consultation with you, legal proceedings will be commenced. Often this step will encourage your Swedish debtor to take his debt seriously and pay your invoices.

No Win, No Fee

If we do not collect successfully collect, then you do not pay us a legal fee. We believe that companies should always be able to opt for the quality of an international debt collection lawyer. If your Swedish debtor does not pay, we will merely charge you our administrative fee €185.00.


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