Our Philosophy

We believe that the best help that anyone can give you is the right advice, and the recovery of your debt. Ensuring that your European debtor pays the debt owed to you, together with interest and costs, is our foremost goal. In most cases we are so successful that the additional debt recovery costs are also recovered from the debtor, provided that this is permitted by you, and by the relevant terms of your general terms and conditions. In some cases this means that it costs us more, but this is unimportant as long as our client has received justice. The European debtor has paid and our client has not had to pay any costs. Wherever possible, we continue fighting till the creditor has obtained justice.


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Tailored Approach

Our attorneys do everything in consultation with you. Hard or soft approach: you decide on how we are going to collect your money. During the process, our attorneys will keep you updated on the correspondence with your European debtor. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the culture and legal system of the country of your European debtor. We highly value the client–attorney relationship and understand that transparency is important for building mutual trust. Therefore, you can follow you case progression 24/7 through our free online web portal.


Justice for creditors

“Justice for creditors” is the dominant spirit by which we do business. We are inspired by a untamable will to win and integrity is very important for our company. We fight hard to become the worldwide specialist in European commercial debt collection and to bring justice to our clients.