Price matrix

Please find below an outline of our tariffs, which is an extract from our policy. Click here for the complete policy.

Extrajudicial phase:

* Debtor pays at least the principal amount: You will receive 85%-100% of your principal amount, depending on your conditions and legislation in your debtor’s country. On average, you will receive 95% of the principal amount.
* Debtor pays less than the principal amount: You will receive an invoice based on the collected amount:
Over the first € 25.000,00 | 15%
On the excess up to € 50.000,00 | 12,50%
On the excess up to € 100.000,00 | 10%
On the excess | 8%
plus €150,00 administrative fee
(For a fully or partially successful debt recovery of a principal amount of €3.000,00 or less, an additional charge of €100,00 applies)
* Debtor pays nothing: You pay € 150,00


Judicial phase: Cases are fully or partially handled at fixed costs, in accordance with our policy.
Disputed claims: Cases are handled at a previously agreed upon hourly fee.