Collection in China

Author: mr. Mannes Westhuis

Over the last few years, China has rapidly developed into one of the largest trading partners in the world. Wherever you go, you will find products that were “made in China”. Continue reading

Limitation periods in various countries

Author: mr. Ramazan Akkaya

Overdue invoices are an unpleasant phenomenon that most companies will have to deal with at some point. But what if invoices remain unpaid for several years? Can such claims still be collected, or has the limitation period expired? This is a question that many companies would like to see answered. Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers explains. Continue reading

ASNEF – a new tool for payment

Author: Abogada Belén Lopez Morata

You might have noticed that recovering your claim in the south of Europe has recently become more and more difficult due to the financial crisis. Obtaining credit with the bank is now a lot more complicated, causing companies to hang on to their own funds for much longer. Especially foreign business partners draw the short end of the stick, as debtors might feel that there is a safe distance from your company. Fortunately for you, this is far from the truth. Continue reading